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National Capital Improvements

UNTUCKit - 75 Locations

US & Canada


Construction Manager | Owner Rep

Delivery Method

National Franchises


Project Profile

Project Overview: Michuda Construction has been entrusted with spearheading UNTUCKit's expansive Capital Improvement Program. This comprehensive initiative involves the enhancement and revitalization of multiple UNTUCKit retail locations nationwide. With a strategic emphasis on precision and efficiency, Michuda Construction guarantees that each site is transformed into a beacon of excellence, ready to captivate customers during the bustling Black Friday period.

Key Responsibilities: As the designated construction manager, Michuda Construction assumes a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless collaboration among stakeholders. From sourcing premium materials to orchestrating the deployment of skilled labor, Michuda Construction exercises meticulous control over every aspect of the project. By maintaining close partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors, Michuda Construction ensures the uninterrupted flow of resources essential for achieving unparalleled results.

National Coordination: Navigating the complexities of a nationwide project, Michuda Construction employs a sophisticated approach to coordination. Leveraging its extensive network and adept logistical management, the team synchronizes efforts across diverse geographic regions. Through streamlined communication channels and proactive problem-solving, Michuda Construction guarantees that each UNTUCKit location receives the same level of meticulous attention to detail, regardless of its location.

Timely Execution: With the pivotal Black Friday deadline looming, Michuda Construction adheres to a steadfast commitment to punctuality and precision. Implementing rigorous project management protocols, the team diligently monitors progress at every stage of the construction process. By preemptively addressing potential bottlenecks and swiftly resolving any unforeseen challenges, Michuda Construction ensures that each UNTUCKit location is primed for success well before the anticipated rush of holiday shoppers.

Conclusion: Michuda Construction's exemplary performance as the construction manager for UNTUCKit's Capital Improvement Program serves as a testament to its unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. By delivering superior craftsmanship and adhering to stringent timelines, Michuda Construction not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its clients. With a proven track record of success, Michuda Construction stands as the premier choice for clients seeking exceptional construction management services tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

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