Michuda is a 5 Generation family business with an innovative soul. Like most families, we have our traditions, but ours doesn't remind us of who we are, it reminds us of where we're going. 


At Michuda, our tradition is change. 100 years in business has taught us, to truly make a difference; you have to think differently. Which is why we have innovated some of the most sustainable, safe, and collaborative ways to build, renovate, and develop your visions for the future. 


So welcome to the family. We are the embodiment of what it means to build for the future. Providing you with incredible spaces to live, work, learn, heal, and inspire. Bettering of our world for generations to come. 



Founded in 1919, Michuda Brothers was two immigrant brothers from Czechoslovakia in pursuit of the American Dream. After escaping immigration camps in rural Wisconsin in the fall of 1916, brothers Tony and Leo Michuda began their construction careers as carpenters for Pullman Railcars. Facing persecution from anti-immigration project managers, the two brothers began their business doing general carpentry for the Chicago Public Schools.  



With work sparse in the public sector, much of Michuda Brothers construction work dried up. Schools were budgeting to the bare minimum and with it went the reliable work Leo Michuda Sr had relied upon to support his family and their business. While many businesses lost everything, Michuda relied on innovative thinking and sheer determination to survive. With public sewage projects still receiving funding from the city of Chicago, Michuda saw the light at the end of the tunnel and entered a new sector. 



After surviving the Great Depression, Michuda found it had a knack for larger public sector work. With a culture deeply rooted in "thinking differently," Leo Michuda Jr, fresh out of Notre Dame, jumpstarted his involvement in the businesses 3rd generation and began engineering new ways to service waste water and larger road works projects across major highways. The year 1969 capped off The Lincoln Oasis service plaza project, which Michuda was recognized for "The Architectural Design Award" for outstanding engineering feats in structural design. 



The old adage of "family tradition" runs deep within the Michuda Family. Mark and Josef Michuda followed in both their grandfather's and father's footsteps as engineering graduates from the University of Notre Dame in the mid-80's. From here they lead Leo Michuda & Son into the healthcare market with their first project building a 240 Bed Veteran Affairs Hospital. No sooner completed, Michuda then was awarded the famous Navy Pier Grand Ballroom. A tremendous honor enshrining the family's 70 year history building Chicago. 



The 90's was a great year in the history of our company. Leo Michuda & Son becomes a respected name amongst hospitals and with it Michuda Construction was born. Taking traditions of old towards developing better ways to build, Michuda now began revolutionizing the standards of occupied space construction. With new approaches to quality control, lean delivery methods and value engineering, Michuda was recognized in 1999 as The Illinois Family Business of the Year. This further inspired our company to become an innovative culture focused on improving the ever changing landscape of healthcare construction. 



As the dynamics of healthcare continue to shift at a rapid pace, Michuda is committed to our next chapter of innovation - safety, development, and technology. 


Safety: The implementation of Michuda Mobile, our proprietary safety software, coupled with our "Daily Huddles" has improved our job site safety by 300% in the last 3 years. In the past year, Michuda has been traveling around the country to Healthcare and Construction trade shows encouraging the construction industry to embrace innovations in patient, occupant, and construction safety. 


Development: This past year, we have celebrated nearly full occupancy of our $30,000,000 Senior Living and Memory Care Facility - which Michuda was owner, developer, and contractor.


Technology: Michuda Mobile is our proprietary software application that allows our teams to communicate to hospital systems the safety and credentialing of all tradesmen on all of our jobs in real time. The improvements in safety on our job sites has garnered a nomination at this year's Chicago Innovation Awards.

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