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Advocate Christ Medical Center

Hybrid OR

Construction Management

Delivery Method

2,600 SF


Oak Lawn, Illinois


Michuda Construction, Inc. provided CM at Risk services for the 1,300 SF addition of a new Hybrid OR, as well as 1,300 SF additional space for a future Hybrid OR.

The addition was constructed at the existing “circle drive” of the campus. An existing pocket in the circle drive was used for construction of the addition. Precast concrete and a spandrel glass curtain wall surround the skin of the building that matches the existing outpatient pavilion’s curtain wall.

The new addition was constructed in 4 phases. The 2nd floor mechanical room was built out to support the 3rd floor addition of the Hybrid OR. Multiple shut downs were coordinated to keep the existing OR in operation. The suite includes an equipment room, control room and clean room.

All equipment was placed at a 45 degree angle to accommodate the size of the room. A prefabricated Clean Suite ceiling system was added.

Project Gallery

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