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We have worked along side churches for over 20 years and helped them plan for the road ahead. Having us on your team helps give you insight from a builder's perspective before you break ground. Helping you avoid future headaches and planning to grow. 



Running out of space is a blessing and a curse. We have helped churches come up with unique solutions to keep the worship rocking and the expansions rolling. Find out how we've built sanctuary additions right on the other side of the wall! 



Reborn doesn't have to be exclusive to the alter calls. Sometimes the interior needs a little revival and we have built enough of these to give you some great ideas on how to make your existing building feel like a new space. 



Build your tradition is our mantra, but we'll let you borrow it. Kid's need places to build their faith too and as a the future generations of your congregation, we're here to help you give them a great place their growing faith can call home. 



Do we build new? Expand our existing? Look for new space elsewhere? Sometimes the answer can be all or some of the above. We have helped churches of all sizes come up with unique and affordable solutions to grow and reach new communities. 



Nothing brings more people back to church like a great stage and production level worship. We have helped churches get there with new sanctuary builds or even just a little TLC of the existing space. Giving you the wow factor you need to grow. 


From Church Boards, to Owners, and 15 of the 300 CM-LEAN Accredited Project Managers in the country. We are the tools you need to get your job done. 

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