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Building, renovating, and developing projects over 5 generations speaks for itself. From the most complex projects in healthcare, to taking ideas from the ground up, projects that bear the Michuda name represent a century of quality, excellence, and tradition that stands the test of time. 


Michuda is a 5 Generation Family business with an innovative soul.

At Michuda, our tradition reminds us to continuously move the construction industry forward. 100 years in business has taught us to truly make a difference, you have to think differently. This is why we have innovated some of the most sustainable, safe, and collaborative ways to build, renovate, and develop your visions for the future.

We are the embodiment of what it means to build for the future. We build and renovate incredible spaces to live, work, learn, heal, and inspire. 

“I wanted to thank you and your entire crew for an incredibly smooth transition this morning. I don’t think it could have gone any better.......please extend my thanks on the behalf of the ED staff and our patients for your crews attention to detail and grace under pressure."

Sharon RN, MS, Advocate-Aurora Health 


In 1915 Leo and Tony Michuda, two immigrant brothers from Czechoslovakia, arrived at Ellis Island in pursuit of the American Dream. 

In hopes of finding work, the two brothers found themselves in Wisconsin repairing fences on farms for less than minimum wage. At the time, immigrants were taken advantage of for cheap labor due to their desire to work, lack of resources, and ability to speak English.

As blacksmiths and carpenters back home in Europe, the brothers headed south in hopes of finding better opportunities in the city of Chicago. It was here they found work building luxury rail cars for the Pullman Railcar Company. 

Their efficiencies and understanding of fine craftsmanship helped them rise in the ranks as employees of the railcar company until the lead foreman fired them. "My grandfather and his brother were fired from their jobs for being good at what they did," said Leo Michuda Sr. "If they were American workers at the time, they would've been promoted, but you have to understand the extreme prejudice that existed back then against immigrants from other countries. This single event, is really where Michuda Brothers Construction was born. My family just wanted a better life, so they decided to go into business for themselves, which at that time period was a very bold thing to do." 

Fast forward 100 years and 5 generations later, Michuda Construction has become a nationally recognized and awarded family business that hasn't forgotten where it came from. Today, that same old-school hard work and determination empowers a new-age culture of innovation. 

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We believe in serving a higher purpose together




We work hard, we play hard



We work to create opportunity and pay it forward



We are not only a family business, but equally we are in the business of being a family


Financial Stability

There's no mission without the money 

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