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Joe Michuda Headlines Safety Talks at 2018 HESNI

Michuda teams up with Purdue University and Advocate Aurora Health to promote innovations in safety for all stakeholders in healthcare.

By Michuda Construction

Updated May 18, 2018 4:12 ET

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS - Michuda Construction went all in a few years ago to innovate a solution to job site safety and won big.

Michuda Mobile, a credentialing and authorization tool, has since proved its worth as Michuda announced a 300% improvement in safety across all their job sites. “You can’t improve what you can’t measure,” said Joe Michuda, Executive Vice President and COO of Michuda Construction. “We essentially were put on notice after the perfect storm of incidents put us on probation with one of our biggest healthcare clients and we needed to do something drastic.”

As the United States' economy continues a strong year so does the construction industry as projects and renovations ramp up nationwide - subsequently increasing occupational risk on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Association reported that “one in five worker deaths last year were in construction.” Of these deaths, being struck by an object, electrocution, and falls accounted for more than half of the cause of fatalities reported on the job.

Using proprietary mobile technology, Michuda now can track across all their jobs, safety training, credentialing, and authorizations across all their sub-contractors and workers in the field. “We now have a way to confirm that all tradespeople on our jobs are fully credentialed and up to date on all training, immunizations [often for healthcare].

In doing so, Michuda now can push occupational risk to it’s lowest common denominator. “If we see a worker continually posing a risk to themselves or others on the job site, we now have the proper documentation to hold people accountable and give owners full transparency of how and likely why incidents occurred in the past. This not only improves our safety performance as contractors, but the risk of occupational safety for our clients and their employees,” said Joe.

Walking out a safety culture with Zero incidents as the standard, Michuda has surpassed safety expectations and is now recognized as the go to contractor in difficult occupied space projects - particularly in the healthcare sector.

“You really learn a lot about yourself as an organization and ways to improve the industry as a whole,” said Mark Michuda, Executive Vice President and CEO. “We have learned so much as a team in being able to take something like field safety and couple that with technology and data towards becoming a leader in our space. Once we saw continuous improvement in safety, we now are focused on applying the same methodology and best practices in other areas of construction that will change the industry entirely.”

Through partnerships with Purdue, Michuda has been able to take a shortcoming, many would see as detrimental, and turn it into an opportunity to help others. Partnering with organizations like HESNI, Michuda is embracing transparency as a way to bring attention to innovation in the construction industry in the hopes that others can see the opportunity technology can bring towards a leaner and safer construction process.


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