We are the embodiment of what it means to build for the future. Constructing incredible spaces to live, work, learn, heal, and inspire. Bettering our world for generations to come. 

"Michuda has been trusted partner in healthcare for over two decades. We take great pride in our ability to continuously innovate lean delivery methods amidst the most complex and advanced occupied spaces in healthcare"

Since 1919

Michuda Construction has built some of Chicago's most iconic projects across healthcare, commercial, industrial, education, and mixed use. A 5 generation family business, we know what it takes to build something that stands the test of time. 


A legacy of innovation

As one of the premier occupied space specialists in healthcare, we recognized opportunity to improve how we build to protect why we build. Our 2018 Chicago Innovation Award nomination recognized our innovation in construction site safety with our development of Michuda Mobile. A cloud based application that monitors our projects in real time towards maximizing site safety and compliance. 

Your Tradition Starts Here