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Michuda is a 5 Generation family business with an innovative soul. Like most families, we have our traditions, but ours doesn’t remind us of who we are, it reminds us of where we’re going.

The 5 Fs

  • Faith: We believe in serving a higher purpose together.

  • Family: We're not only a family business, but we're equally in the business of being a family.

  • Friends: We believe in camaraderie. Work hard, play harder. 

  • Financial: There is one undeniable truth, there can't be a mission without money.

  • Filanthropy: As an immigrant family arriving here in 1919, many people helped us on our journey to get where we are today. We build to give back.  We believe in supporting the mission and vision of others.

At Michuda, our tradition is change. 100 years in business has taught us, to truly make a difference; you have to think differently. Which is why we have innovated some of the most sustainable, safe, and collaborative ways to build, renovate, and develop your visions for the future.

Latest News

"For the traditions building, renovating, or yet to break ground, welcome to the family"

Joe Michuda, President

Join Us

Build your legacy at Michuda while building to support the causes of others. 


Michuda Construction

Building Traditions throughout Chicago and nationwide for over 100 years. 

Email: info@michuda.com

Phone: 773-445-5505

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