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Developing Safe & Responsible Ways to Build

Technology and innovation has the potential to benefit nearly every aspect of construction - so we have taken everything we've learned over the last century and integrated it into a proprietary software application for owners and sub-contractors alike.

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How Michuda Mobile Works

The idea was simple, we believe in creating the ultimate safety record in the construction industry. To do so, we took everything that makes construction projects safe and put it in the palm of your hand. Our proprietary mobile app is easy to use, provides real time updates, and is fully customizable to meet the needs of every sector, client, and project we build. 

Site Access

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All personnel on-site are required to wear barcoded badges to scan in and scan out at the beginning and end of each work day

Client Specific Credentials

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Our proprietary software enables Michuda Mobile to customize end user credentialing specific to the needs of each of our clients.

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Real time credentialing

Personnel safety training credentials are loaded into Michuda Mobile and notify tradespeople of lapsing certifications. Vaccination reports are also logged based on client requirements to ensure that all protocols are adhered to.

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Real time site authorization

Our project managers can track site access in real time. This coupled with our identification badges help keep personnel in their designated locations throughout our job sites. 

"Michuda Mobile brings to life our belief that measurable insights are key to elevating construction safety and efficiency, embodying our forward-thinking approach."

Josef Michuda

President at Michuda Construction

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